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NIOC focused on implementing methods to counter oil sanctions

(Monday, November 19, 2018) 21:08

The newly-appointed CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) said the company’s chief agenda was implementation of the policies of the Iranian ministry of petroleum and the Islamic establishment to counter oil embargoes on the country.

According to NIOC, Masoud Karbasian said serious attention to the issue of sanctions, and review and implementation of solutions to it would be NIOC’s top priorities under his leadership, Shana wrote.


"Fortunately, in this regard, policies have been laid down by the Petroleum Ministry, the Rouhani administration and the Islamic establishment, by implementation of which, the undesirable impacts of sanctions could be reduced,” he added.


Karbasian further announced that development of the West Karoon oilfields and the South Pars gas field, collection of associated gases, reconstruction and modernization of oil facilities and export terminals, construction of oil pipelines and oil storage inventories would be among other priorities of NIOC with him at the helm.


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