/Inferastructural Projects

Existing access and Infrastructural Facilities
• Access to international waterways, Persian Gulf littoral states and Far-East ‎
• Access to domestic and international routes
• The use of the existing airport during the development period, which will be relocated to ‎a more suitable site, where the Persian Gulf International Airport is under construction.‎
• Pars – Port complex with deep and suitable coasts for ship navigation with service lands ‎and support warehouses
• Prediction for an independent power plant, desalination plant and other support facilities ‎such as service base and customs.‎
• Abundance of skilled and unskilled manpower‎
• Possibility of creating lucrative domestic and international markets
• Nearness to tourist cities and recreational centers‎
• Existence of attractive environment ‎


Road Construction Projects
Construction of four-lane road from Taheri Port-Jam, widening of the state road between ‎Jam-Taheri three-way intersection to Parak village, construction of the ‎‏42‏‎ km highway in ‎order to relocate the exsiting Bushehr-Bandar Abbas state road to outside the Zone, also ‎construction of four-lane highway from Choghadak to Kangan, and bypass roads to Site ‎No.‎‏2‏‎ (Tombak).‎


Pars-Port Complex ‎
Logistic Port:‎
Logistic port covers ‎‏150‏‎ hectares: The western breakwater is ‎‏2300‏‎ meters long and the ‎eastern breakwater is ‎‏1000‏‎ meters long. The port basin is ‎‏100‏‎ hectares with capacity to ‎accept ships of up to ‎‏80,000‏‎ tons deadweight. The nominal capacity of this port is ‎‏10‏‎ ‎million tons per year including ‎‏1‏‎ million tons of granulated sulphur, ‎‏3‏‎ million of ‎container products and ‎‏6‏‎ million tons of refinery machinery and parts.‎
This port will have at least ‎‏10‏‎ berths that can simultaneously accommodate ‎‏10‏‎ ships and ‎especially for exporting of sulphur, containers loading / unloading as heavy cargo. Water ‎drought along the berths is at least ‎‏11‏‎ meters and at most ‎‏15‏‎ meters and the jetty in this ‎port is ‎‏2600‏‎ meters long.‎
At present, ‎‏5‏‎ berths are operational. It should be noted that all of the equipment needed ‎by refineries and petrochemical industries were unloaded in this very port and installed ‎on sites. ‎

Petrochemical Port: ‎
The petrochemical port with ‎‏15‏‎ berths and draught of ‎‏15‏‎ meters can accommodate ships ‎of capacity ‎‏80,000‏‎ tons deadweight that especially carry gas and petrochemical products. ‎The nominal capacity of this port is ‎‏30‏‎ million tons per year and it is predicted that ‎‏26‏‎ ‎million tons of petrochemical products in liquid from will be exported through this port.‎
In accordance with the operations time schedule for the Zone"s petrochemical projects, ‎execution operations on this port will be completed in three phases; phase ‎‏1‏‎ will be ‎completed by ‎‏2005‏‎ and the project"s completion date will be year ‎‏2006‏‎.‎

New "Persian Gulf" International Airport ‎
Execution operations for the new international airport have started in June ‎‏2003‏‎. The ‎volume of construction works for facilities such as runways and aircraft parking area, ‎fence, and patrol roads and access routes to the airport"s boulevard, construction of ‎terminals with Jetways to handle ‎‏750,000‏‎ passengers per year. Control tower and ‎technical buildings as well as supporting buildings such as fire station, meteorology ‎section and so on have been started.‎
Airport characteristics are the runway with length of ‎‏4000‏‎ meters asphalt paved, width of ‎‏45‏‎ meters with two ‎‏7.5‏m shoulders along the runway. Aircraft parking area is ‎‏330‏‎ × ‎‏150‏‎ ‎Sqm concrete paved. Airport area and peripheral buildings will be constructed on ‎‏18‏‎ ‎hectares of land. ‎
It should be noted that Iranian specialists are undertaking execution works for this airport ‎and installation of the airport"s navigation and lighting systems will be performed by ‎foreign companies. ‎

Water supply project
• Construction of two water desalination plants each with a capacity of ‎‏10,000‏‎ ‎cubic per day ‎
• Construction of two concrete water tankers with capacity of ‎‏30,000‏‎ and ‎‏5,000‏‎ ‎cubic meters
• Creation of a network for transferring water distribution network in different ‎sites
• Procurement of water supply through Moharram project (Kowsar Dam) in the ‎mid-term

The sport annex buildings and premises
Pars Special Economic Energy Zone sport annex has been designed on a ‎‏19‏‎ hectares site. ‎This site will function as a sports park, which foreseen spaces in this park are: ‎
• Multi-purpose indoor sports in ‎‏3500‏‎ m‎‏2‏‎ with capacity of ‎‏1200‏‎ spectators ‎
• A standard lawn football ground for competitions to accommodate ‎‏5,000‏‎ ‎spectators ‎
• Outdoors sports grounds, volleyball, basketball, tennis, roller skating, and table ‎tennis
• Indoor swimming pool in ‎‏2000‏‎ m‎‏2‏
• Indoors bowling hall in ‎‏1000‏‎ m‎‏2‏
• Bicycle routes throughout the site
• Buffet and coffee shop

Green space and environment
In view of the Zone"s policy on environmental protection and alleviation of industrial ‎pollutions, first steps have been taken in from of ‎‏1000‏‎ hectares of urban green space ‎and ‎‏3000‏‎ hectares allocated to forestation and expansion of the mangrove trees in the ‎tidal area of the sea. In this way, in the outlook of the project, ‎‏10%‏‎ of the total ‎industrial site and ‎‏28%‏‎ of the entire Zone will be transformed into green space which ‎one of the measures towards this development is the establishment of plant nurseries ‎to nurture trees that are compatible with the particular climatic conditions of the ‎region.‎

Oil & Gas Industry International Exhibition
In an attempt to set the stage for flaunting Gas, Oil and Petrochemical potentials as ‎well as awareness of the latest achievements and developments in this field in the ‎world, a building is designed to exhibit oil and gas industrial achievements. In light ‎of its significance for hosting different cultures from different countries, it will be ‎located in one of the most beautiful coastlines along the Persian Gulf namely the ‎‎"Nayband Bay" in a region where the ‎‏100‏‎ hectares park and the ‎‏5‏‎ star hotel will be ‎constructed.‎
Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries Exhibitions building consists of ‎‏3‏‎ main ‎sections: exhibition halls, exhibition related spaces and service/welfare spaces which ‎in turn includes meeting rooms, amphitheater, conference rooms, administrative ‎offices, respective warehouses, coffee shop and coffee net. This building will be a ‎‏3‏‎-‎story building with a total built area of ‎‏14,000‏‎ Sqm.‎

International Sadaf Hotel
A ‎‏400‏‎ room international hotel will be built on ‎‏100‏‎ hectares park in Nayband Bay ‎on the route connecting the international airport to the industrial sites. The hotel is ‎modeled on the marine environmental conditions and resembles shell. The hotel is ‎made up of three high-rise buildings with ‎‏11‏‎, ‎‏14‏‎ and ‎‏17‏‎ stories. The total building ‎lies on ‎‏43,000‏‎ square meters. The hotel includes large and small double-bed rooms, ‎different types of suites, special rooms for handicaps, recreational facilities, ‎conference and meeting facilities, different kind of restaurants and business services.‎

Coastal Park
Coastal Park in administrative complex on ‎‏8.5‏‎ hectares on the south of office ‎building, which includes outdoors sports and bicycle routes throughout the site, ‎sailors club, etc.

Administration support Site
Administration support Site including group of office and service building, which ‎are constructed at the center of zone as follows: ‎
Office building: Office building with ‎‏2400‏‎ m‎‏2‏‎ of built area in four stories, ‎including offices, conference rooms, supports spaces, and central yard. This building ‎is constructed to be used by investors in the short run in order to study the ‎investment potentialities.‎
Fire station: Fire station includes ‎‏100‏‎ m‎‏2‏‎ of built area consisting of office, training ‎and support sections with ‎‏5‏‎ fire and rescue engines, such buildings will be ‎constructed typically at standard distances throughout the Zone.‎
Clinic (medical center): This building with an area of ‎‏550‏‎ m‎‏2‏‎ on one floor, ‎consisting of emergency room; check up room, injections, x-ray room, surgery and ‎orthopedics, such buildings will be constructed typically at standard distances ‎throughout the Zone.‎
Mosque: The mosque with an area of ‎‏900‏‎ m‎‏2‏‎ on one floor, consisting of praying ‎halls for men and women, washrooms, and a central courtyard, such buildings will ‎be constructed typically at standard distances throughout the Zone.‎

Comprehensive Telecom Project
Comprehensive Telecommunication Project is located on ‎‏1,400‏‎ square meters ‎adjacent at Kangan Boulevard, with a two-story building and a telephone center in ‎each site. The single story building of the telephone center has ‎‏360‏‎ square meters ‎built-up area. The telephone centers are connected to the telecom center through ‎buried optic fibers and telecom towers. The capacity is ‎‏5000‏‎ telephone numbers ‎which will be developed up to ‎‏10,000‏‎ wireless line and ‎‏40,000‏‎ wired telephone ‎lines. ‎
Operations are now under way for the major center and its units.‎

Power supply Project
• Building seven ‎‏100‏‎ to ‎‏200‏‎-megawatt substations to transform ‎‏132‏‎ kilovolts ‎to ‎‏33‏‎ kilovolts ‎
• A Two-circuit line for transferring ‎‏132‏‎ kilovolts on ‎‏40‏‎ kilometers length‎
• Erecting ‎‏62‏‎ power distribution substations ‎‏33‏‎ kilovolts ‎
• Designing Power transmission and street lighting 

Passenger Terminal ‎
A Passenger Terminal is located in Shirinou service-providing site at the western ‎entrance of the zone. This Terminal is measuring around ‎‏15,000‏‎ square meters, ‎which has different parking lots for buses, minibuses and passenger cars.‎
The terminal building is two-story with ‎‏2,800‏‎ square meters built-up area. The ‎building has ticket selling box section, waiting room, trade and administrative ‎sections.‎ 

Consignment Terminal
Consignment terminal lies at the center of the zone and measures around ‎‏45‏‎ ‎hectares of land. This terminal covers reparation centers, mosques, sport ‎facilities, washrooms, and restaurants for the drivers. This site also includes ‎customs, insurance, weighing machine and other sections.‎ 

Land Custom-Sea Customs
To facilitate the Importing and clearance of heavy industrial equipments needed ‎by Gas and petrochemical projects as well as Exporting Sulphur, Downsteam, ‎Mixes and Semi-heavy Industries Products, Land and See Customs are predicted ‎at relevant entrances.‎