/Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility

Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (PSEEZ) actively involves in social and environmental development of the region by conducting various actions including:

1- Environmental Sustainability;
1-1 Downsizing flaring in PSEEZ projects: flaring in first 10 phases of the South Pars has been reduced to 5.4 million cubic meters per week during April- June 2016 comparing to 56 million cubic meters per week eight years earlier.
1-2 Industrial Waste Management: PSEEZ in cooperation with Environment Administration of Boushehr is developing a master plan for industrial waste management to protect the regional environment.
1-3 Developing Green Landscape: drafted in the five years development plan of the PSEEZ, the zone’s goal is to develop green belt around industries in the region by planting suitable plant species.

2- Social Development;
2-1 Creating Jobs: PSEEZ and all industries in the region are well-aware of their responsibility in creating jobs for the youth and for that PSEEZ has several plans to encourage sustainable job creation.
2-2 Employing Local Workers: The zone required by the I.R. Iran’s law is required to employ 50 per cent of its workforce from local workers, so far PSEEZ successfully did so and recently it made a larger contribution to the welfare of the communities by employing more than 50 per cent of its workforce.
2-3 Education: PSEEZ is engaged in developing the educational infrastructure in the local communities. The aim of this plan is to increase competitiveness of youths in the region and provide the opportunity for them to enter renowned universities.
2-4 Supporting Creativity and Innovation: PSEEZ supports in different ways oil and gas researchers. The zone also encourages innovation and invention by the local youth by holding several workshops and meetings.