/Other Industries

 Downstream Industries

Due to the availability of raw materials produced by petrochemical industries at ‎the PSEEZ and supply of feedstock required by petrochemical downstream ‎industries, a site with an area of ‎‏1000‏‎ hectares has been allocated for the ‎construction and expansion of downstream industries such as polymers, rubber ‎and plastic, synthetic fibers and textiles, industrial oils, resins and adhesives, ‎paints and protective covers, pesticides, detergents and chemical fertilizers.‎ 


Marine Industries 
In view of developing industrial requirements at PSEEZ, especially with respect to port structures and marine facilities, construction ‎of large marine industry yards for the fabrication, installation and repair of various ‎marine structures as well as onshore facilities and equipment related to port and ‎shipping activities, a plot of land covering ‎‏100‏‎ hectares to the west of the ‎zone has been allocated to this purpose.‎ 


Mixed Industries 
An area of ‎‏250‏‎ hectares has been allocated to ‎manufacturing of parts and equipment for oil, gas and petrochemical ‎industries, metal industries, electricity and electronic industries, ‎instrumentations industries and chemical industries.‎ 


Semi-Heavy Industries 
An area of ‎‏300‏‎ hectares to the east of mixed industries ‎site and to the west of downstream industries site is considered for ‎semi-heavy industries in order to build heavy metal structure industries, ‎under pressure tanks, petrochemical refineries and power plants ‎equipment, pipelines and metal industries.‎