Legal Facilities for Investments

• Transit and export of all goods should be carried out under the authority of PSEEZ .

• All manufacturing and industrial investments are exempted from paying duties.

• Foreign investment and ownership (except for the land) is allowed up to ‎‏100‏‎ percent‎.

• Importing raw materials, ‎machinery and spare parts are exemption from any customs duties and tariff payment.

• Cost of exporting any good produced in the PSEEZ to the main land equals to the amount of its ‎generated added value.

• Purchase of land is only permitted to domestic investors, land is only available to foreign ‎investors on lease.

• Easy issuance of entry visa for foreign citizenes.

•  Foreign investment and its profit are guaranteed.

• Full freedom of entry and exit of capital.

• Allocation from the Oil Stabilization Fund


Banking Facilities

• Banking regulations at PSEEZ conform to international standards.‎

• Banking transactions with the main land shall be in either IR. Rial or foreign currency of ‎choice, and overseas transactions will be in the respected foreign currency.‎

• Foreign currencies shall not be controlled and the exchange of IR. Rial to any foreign ‎currency is permitted.‎


PSEEZ Potential Investors

• Major oil, gas and petrochemical companies

• Major financial institutions (including banks and investment firms)‎

• Service related companies (including manufacturers of drilling and exploration equipments ‎)‎

• Academic and educational institutions especially technical and vocational training centers

• Non-oil and gas companies engaged in the downstream and mixed industries

• Service providers including banks, insurance companies, warehousing firms, and transport companies, etc.