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Pars Special Economic Energy Zone

Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (PSEEZ) was established in ‎‏1998‏ with the aim to utilize South ‎Pars oil and gas resources and to encourage commercial activities in oil, gas and ‎petrochemical industries.‎


PSEEZ is facilitating the on-time execution of various oil and gas projects, providing the appropriate ‎prerequisites to attract local and foreign partnership with the aim of developing oil, gas and ‎petrochemical industries as well as interrelated and downstream industries, creating local job ‎opportunities and attracting skilled and semi-skilled workforce from neighboring provinces with ‎regards to its positive effects on economic prosperity in the provinces of Boushehr, Fars and ‎Hormozgan.‎



PSEEZ is located on the Persian Gulf coast ,‎‏300‏‎ Kmto the East of Port of Boushehr and ‎‏570‏‎ Kmto the ‎West of the Port of Bandar Abbas.It is approximately ‎‏100‏‎ Km away from the South Pars Gas ‎Field (Qatar’s North Dome).

Macro grouping of facilities and services:

• Central administration and support:  Regional office, Industrial affairs, Infrastructural ‎services, Customs services, Recruitment office, Social Welfare office, Visa, …‎

• Offices and service centers: Banks, Post office, Police station, Driving & ‎Vehicle licensing office, Property registrar office, …‎

• Sports and recreational centers: Multi-Purpose gymnasium, indoor swimming pools, ‎outdoor sports facilities, Water sports, sailors club, …‎

• Health and medical centers: Emergency services, Polyclinic, General Hospital, Drugstore, …‎

• Technical and vocational training centers: Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Institute, ‎Research center, University of Applied Sciences and Technology , Library & Documentation center, …‎

• Religion, arts and cultural centers: Multi-functional assembly halls, Exposition, ‎mosque , …‎

• Fair ground and commercial centers: Central & Specialized fair complex, Trade center & Stock ‎exchange, Satellite information center, …‎

• Residential  center: Guest House, First and second class & International ‎hotels, Hotel apartment, …‎

• Welfare centers: Restaurants, Central kitchen, Coffee shop, supermarket, Bakery, ‎Sanitary services, …‎

• Technical services: Engineering and contracting consulting services, support and ‎procurement affairs, Transportation companies , … ‎

• Landscaping and parks: Public parks, Coastal & roadside green spaces, Forestation, ‎Plant nursery, Environmental protection unit, …‎

• Transportation : Terminals, parkings, Coastal & Roadside green spaces, Forestation, Plant ‎nursery, Environmental protection, …‎

• Infrastructural facilities: Port complex, Power plant, Electrical main & substation, ‎Desalination plant, Water and fuel tanks, Gas station, Telecommunications, Sewage ‎treatment plant, …‎

• Mobilization workshop: Consultants and contractors camps, construction sites, ‎Construction warehouses, Construction workshops, Construction ‎depots, …‎

• Warehousing: Transit and industrial warehouses (indoor, Covered, outdoor) for bulk cargoesand ‎Pallets, Liquid tanks, refrigerated storage, … ‎

• Urban furniture: Propylaeum, Street lights, Traffic & advertising signs, Telephone ‎kiosks, Transport stations, Site landscaping, … ‎


Employment and use of workforce

For ‎‏10,000‏‎ hectares of lands under development including‎‏6000‏‎ hectares industrial lands, an ‎average of ‎‏five people are needed per one thousand hectares in the oil and gas industries, petrochemical downstream, ‎semi-heavy and mixed industries. Therefore, it is expected nearly ‎‏30,000‏  people to be employed at PSEEZ, and ‎same number of employees be recruited in related services (total ‎‏60,000‏ employees at PSEEZ during the development).‎

• All employees’ are contracted under the Labor Code of the country.‎

• Labor regulations at the zone are based on the International Labour Organization(ILO). recommendations.‎  


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