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NISOC Preparing 8 Production Maintenance/Enhancement Packages

(Sunday, December 30, 2018) 16:01

The National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) is preparing to finalize 8 oil production maintenance and enhancement packages by the end of the current calendar year to March 20 2019, the company’s CEO said.

This would include holding licensing rounds for the projects entailed in the packages, Shana wrote.

 According to the company, Ahmad Mohammadi told a specialized meeting concerning the packages for bolstering and maintaining production at 28 oil reservoirs operated by the company, that NISOC was serious in finalizing at least 8 of the packages by the end of the year.


He also expected that production from 28 reservoirs of the company would increase by the end of the year.


The National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), with emphasis on accelerating the completion of packages and holding licensing rounds in the form of EPC/EPD contracts, with the purpose of increasing employment and dynamism of the labor and goods market in the country, particularly in Khuzestan Province, has tasked NISOC with finalizing eight packages by the end of this calendar year and choosing contractors for them so that at least 14 macro projects would begin during the first half of the next year, he said.

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