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Euro-5 Petrol Produced at Tabriz Refinery

(Wednesday, March 06, 2019) 15:18

Tabriz Refinery has improved the quality of its petrol output which now meets Euro-5 specifications.

The good news was announced less than two week until Norouz, the Iranian new year, beginning on March 21.


Gholamreza Bagheri Dizaj, the CEO of Tabriz Oil Refining Company, said the facility underwent a project to renovate the petrol production unit of the refinery with 10,000 b/d of production capacity.


Now, the refinery can supply up to 3.2 million liters per day of Euro-5 petrol. An investment of 10 million euros was made in the project.


Previously, only 40 percent of the plant’s petrol met Euro-5 standards.


“Over the past five years, Tabriz refinery has underwent 15 environmental projects with a total investment of 400 million euros of which 10 projects have come on-stream,” Bagheri Dizaj said.


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