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Iran's Euro-5 Gasoline Output Reaches 79 ml/d

(Wednesday, March 06, 2019) 16:20

Production of gasoline compliant with Euro-5 emission standards started in Tabriz Oil Refining Company in East Azarbaijan Province on Wednesday, managing director of the company said.

“The project to produce gasoline complying with Euro-5 emission standards was completed at a cost of €10 million," Gholamreza Baqeri was quoted as saying by ISNA.


Environmental projects worth €400 million have been undertaken at the complex over five years, the last of which was upgrading the quality of gasoline, Baqeri said.


Euro-5 gasoline output at the refinery has reached 3.2 million liters per day.


The National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company is now producing close to 105 million liters of gasoline, of which 79 million liters comply with Euro-5 emission standards.


"NIORDC's Euro-5 gasoline output was zero in 2013," he said, adding that Shazand Refinery in the central city of Arak, Markazi Province, started to produce 17 million liters high-quality fuel per day in 2014. Output reached 28 ml/d in 2016. After that it rose to 43 ml/d in 2017 as the Bandar Abbas Refinery in Hormozgan Province added Euro-5 gasoline to its output.


The Persian Gulf Star Refinery in southern Hormozgan Province went on stream in mid-2017 because of which overall production increased by 76% to 76 ml/d and launching the Tabriz venture increased output to 79 ml/d.


Optimization Plans

"Except for eco-unfriendly mazut, the refinery's other products, namely diesel and jet fuel are being standardized," Baqeri said, adding that a consortium of [unnamed] South Korean company and Oil Design and Construction Company of Iran have signed a deal on financing and implementing the project.

The consortium is in charge of designing, engineering, procurement and installation of equipment.


As per contractual terms, at least 51% of equipment and services for refurbishing the Tabriz plant should be made inside the country. 


"Talks are underway with Italian and Korean consulting companies to use the best methods” and get the desired results. 


According to Baqeri, the venture requires €1.5 billion investment.


The refinery annually produces 5.5 million tons of assorted products including liquefied gas, gasoline, kerosene, diesel, jet fuel and feedstock for industrial units.


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